Our known universe cascades for billions of light years stretching to the far reaches of infinity. There is an equally vast parallel universe within every one of us. A place where the soul resides, the heart finds a home, and the spirit shines.


Huddled under the prodigious planetary dome of “wellness apparel” a vast legion of clothing manufacturers offer an astonishing array of wonderful, but pervasively similar garments. While we believe that all avenues that lead to greater luminosity and positivity are remarkable, in our Parallel Universe we prefer to take the road less travelled.


We manufacture limited edition, high quality, responsibly sourced, urban uniforms for those original individuals that embrace positivity as a way of light but don’t relate to ubiquitous mainstream fashion trends. Distinctly unique vehicles of self expression for the nonconformist nomads who are looking for a home outside the box.

“Enlightened Threads for Rebel Hearts.”©


It is our mandate to offer a perpetually evolving galaxy of genuine and innovative design under a wide variety of different company banners and formats. “Authenticity in every stitch”©

“Satellites of love for the Blissfully Unorthodox”©

Heartfelt thanks to the ocean of wonderful souls that helped us launch this spaceship into orbit, too many to adequately list here. Special thanks to our models John and Maureen and our photographer Florian Nidecker (www.floriannidecker.com & floriannidecker instagram).

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