New Vancouver clothing line Parallel Universe Apparel champions positivity with a twist

Look closely at the retro black and red bowling shirt from the new Vancouver line Parallel Universe Apparel, and you’ll see the vintage label over the chest reads “Intuition”. Turn to a women’s dark-heather V-necked T-shirt, and you’ll see a cartoon ghost named Wispy with a speech bubble that says “Listen to your spirit”. And a blue trucker hat is emblazoned with serene “Clarity” where an old-school motor-oil patch might normally go.

In a playful, subtle spin, the new collection from Danny Regan, the same design mind who once brought the city the hip Ironhead line, is celebrating the power of meditation and mindfulness. And the pandemic lockdown feels like the right time for the deliberately uncorny positive messages on a collection that’s “more street than studio”. Cue a series of hoodies, bowling shirts, sweatshirts, T-shirts, and more that feel a little more alternative than your standard yogawear, but also spread positivity in the least pushy way.

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